Tomas update

This is one of the last pictures of Mira before Tomas was born. Just to show how seriously disabled she was at that time (click to enlarge). I think it’s quite funny.

But I guess you are all dying to see some recent Tomas pictures. Well, here they are – in a brand new album style. After a first hausse of visits, for some weeks we’ve not had a lot of people around. Now, everybody wants to come by. It turns out we have an awful lot of friends in the category ‘3 to 6 pm on Saturday’. Basically we’re running out of Saturdays… Today Theo and Lydia were here; last week Anton and Paulien; next week Alex and Marjolein. And the rest will follow…
And what about Tomas himself? He is doing fine. He’s a very easy-going boy that likes a lot of company. He is a real boy, big and heavy, smiling a lot and already trying to talk. It is really great to see him trying to communicate to his mother.

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