The future is virtual…

… long time ago, that was the slogan of the company I worked for. Now, 10 years ahead, I guess in a sense it’s coming true, although I would not phrase it the same way. I’d say something like ‘The virtual is for real’, for example: the so-called virtual world (being the Internet) is as real as the soil you’re standing on. There are millions of people wandering, communicating, working, socialising, living their life on the Internet.
Today I was in a meeting on Internet Ministry, together with some people from EO, Agape Europe and Campus Crusade for Christ (represented by Rob Williams – check his cool website and loads of pictures on his trip) . It is truly exciting what is happening – new paradigms in terms of ministry and partnering, endless possibilities… We are on our way to develop an all-comprising platform for Internet Ministry, supporting our core strategy of ‘win-build-send’. New paradigms arise as we will base this on the Open Source concept. Instead of buying software someone else developed and being subject to licencing, Open Source is based on the idea of making available whatever you developed yourself. And partnering with EO in this is a privilige, as they clearly have a heart for the Kingdom of God.

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