Rotterdam, Atlanta, Phoenix

rotterdam.jpg Currently making preparations for another trip: next Wednesday Mira and I will fly to Atlanta, and the next day to Phoenix, to meet with potential supporters for Agapè, and especially the Rotterdam developments. I think it’s safe to say this is a unique opportunity, as many of the people we’ll meet have a heart for missions and are involved in some way with Campus Crusade for Christ already. It also shows the paradigm shift that’s taking place: we are going to present The Netherlands as a missions ‘target’; we’ll be receivers instead of senders. It’s not just about money, by the way. I like the model that challenges people to give their L.I.F.E.: their Labour, Influence, Finance & Expertise. There are many ways in which people can be involved, and I sure would like them to be. The other good thing about the trip is that Mira and I are going together, and that it’s going to be about 30 C in Phoenix. The bad thing is that by the time we are checked in into the hotel, we should start heading back. Anyway. We’ll trust it’s worth it.

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