Newyear’s tradition

We spent the afternoon in Nature Reserve Oostvaardersplassen, between Almere and Lelystad. It is a fairly large and very beautiful area, with lots of wildlife. Over the many visits we’ve spotted red stags, konikhorses, foxes, oxes, predators and many different bird species. There is even an eagle’s nest, but we have not seen them yet.

Today was exceptionally beautiful because of the snow and ice. We spotted many horses (some very close by) and deer. It was a good start of the year – enjoy the pictures here.

1 thought on “Newyear’s tradition

  1. Ha Mark en Mira en kids,

    een gezegend 2010 voor jullie als gezin en in jullie bediening! Dat Gods zegen overvloedig mag stromen in en door jullie leven.

    Jullie site ziet er prachtig uit zeg! Helemaal hip en bij de tijd!


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