Summarizing Acts

Today we closed the sermon series on Acts in our church. Acts is a fascinating book (the 5th one of the New Testament and the second by author Luke) describing the dynamic development of the first-century church.

The series was built around 10 main figures (or groups) in the story of Acts, each one representing a characteristic of the movement. This angle made up for a very diverse and interesting series. Listen to them on the Rafael Almere sermon pages.

The ten figures and the characteristics:

[table id=1 /]

Also for your reading pleasure an article by bishop N.T. Wright on Acts (highly recommended) and the sermon outlines:

  Shipwreck and Kingdom - a summary of Acts (62,5 kB, 4.740 hits)

  Tijdtabel Handelingen (178,9 kB, 1.157 hits)

  Samenvatting Handelingen (226,6 kB, 1.624 hits)

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