Yesterday we went to the CAMA Paroussia church. On…

Yesterday we went to the CAMA Paroussia church. One of the larger churches in Almere, it is a fairly ‘mainstream’ evangelical church. It was a good service. Rosa and Sara did really well in the kindergarten. It was quite funny that no-one seemed to know where kindergarten was. We walked up and down the corridors (the church is in a highschool building) 3 or 4 times before finding it.

Here are the votes of the Boerenroem jury:

Ambiance 7 out of 10

Worship 7.5

Sermon 6.5

Lengthiness of service 7

Spirit-filledness 7

Hospitality 8

Coffee okay

Best Thing We Experienced: The young girl behind the drumset

All together, a very good church I think. There is a sister-church at the other side of town since March this year. There is an extensive cellgroup structure that seems to work well, those are the things you don’t really see at a Sunday service.

We will return some other Sunday!

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