Church seekers (2) We went to Paroussia for the…

Church seekers (2)

We went to Paroussia for the second time. This time the band was bigger, having a very nice playing guitarist and a flutist. We sang some really good songs, to my surprise many in english. I stick to the earlier voting, maybe except for the hospitality. There seems to be a big difference between the ‘formal’ hospitality and the spontaneous one. I mean, you can put two people at the door, have leaflets with names and telephone numbers, have the elder welcome guests from up front – no problem. These things can be and should be arranged. It is another thing to have the church members be really hospitable, looking for opportunities to help guests feel at home, shaking a hand, make a little conversation at the coffee table. That is much harder, but I think that is the real hospitality. I have always appreciated that in our former church. I know it is much easier in smaller churches, because a new face draws much more attention and people tend to feel more responsible for what happens. But that should not be an excuse!

Well, a long story to explain that nobody came to say hi to me while I was waiting for Mira returning from kindergarten. And, let me be clear: I don’t blame anybody, it is just the way things go. See it from the opposite side: it is a easy opportunity to ‘win’ guests if a church can be truly hospitable.

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