Lighthouse Seizoenenbuurt (1) See first: Joelne…

Lighthouse Seizoenenbuurt (1)

See first: Joelnews 191.1 (sorry, in Dutch)

Bart and Roelienka, friends who live in our neighbourhood, invited us Saturday night. We talked about many things, but the thing that stood out was their wish to join hands as Christians in this area. Mira and I have had this same idea for a while, even in Amsterdam. Here in Almere, it has only grown since we have become good friends with our (non-christian) neighbours. This vision is also based on Wolfgang Simson’s book ‘Houses that change the world’ (that I think every Christian should read :-)).

Today a colleague at work mentioned the ‘Lighthouse’ concept – it is exactly what we would like to be here in Almere! I am looking forward to see what God will bring us through this.

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