Went to a concert of Bruce Cockburn last Thursday …

Went to a concert of Bruce Cockburn last Thursday in Amsterdam together with my friend Eelco. First we had dinner at a trendy Japanese noodles restaurant, which was even affordable. We were on time at the concerts’ place, but still had to stand in line for at least half an hour. At first I thought it had to do with 9/11 or so, but there was no searching or whatever going on… just too many people for the counter to pass. It was a great concert. I like his music most of the times although it is somewhat intellectualistic, with a protest-singer-flavour to it. Technically brilliant, I think. He was together with singer Julie Wolf, who was fuzzing around half of the time with a harmonica that she did not play very well. She’s a good artist, though.

He used to be more outspoken on the fact that he is a christian, too bad in his latest recordings you don’t find too much proof. Instead he talks about the ‘interconnectedness’ of everything, which in my view sounds pretty new-age.

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