Church Seekers (3) Okay, I know you are all wai…

Church Seekers (3)

Okay, I know you are all waiting for the new church seeking update… and here it is. Last Sunday we went to the Rafael church. This was a very pleasant meeting, I must say. Actually, we knew the speaker, he is an old friend of my parents with a ‘brethern assembly’ background. So, we expected to have sound biblical teaching, and we got it. He talked about worship and praise, and what it can do in your own life and in that of others – read Acts 16:16. After that, there was very good worship.

Rafael Almere is not a big church, maybe 50 or 60 people, and we saw again the benefits: people came to us ‘new faces’, introducing themselves and being very hospitable.

We will go this next Sunday again, I think.

And here are the votes:

Ambiance 7 out of 10 (in a darkish church-center building)

Worship 8.5 (no young girl behind drumsets here)

Sermon 8

Lengthiness of service 8

Spirit-filledness 9 (I even raised my hands)

Hospitality 9

Kindergarten 8 (Rosa even waved goodbye)

Coffee okay (lukewarm, which is actually not so good)

(Very positive score, as you can see – don’t jump to conclusions)

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