Church Seekers (4) So, finally we got to go to …

Church Seekers (4)

So, finally we got to go to another church: the ‘Wegwijzer’ (the ‘Signpost’). It was very interesting, because this evangelical church was started by an orthodox reformed church. So, on the one hand you have the framework of the evangelicals (welcome, worship, sermon, announcements) and on the other hand you have some ‘old’ church habits such as the scripture reading, that is done by someone else than the preacher.

At the same time: a warm welcome, very good pianist (I love that), sound biblical teaching. And: it is the closest church to our home, so far (a 3 minute bicycle ride).

Here are the votes:

Ambiance 8 out of 10

Worship 7

Sermon 7

Lengthiness of service 8

Spirit-filledness 6

Hospitality 8

Kindergarten 8

Coffee good

Funniest Thing That Happened That Only Dutch Christians Will Understand: Singing the song “Samen in the naam van Jezus” the words were somewhat changed: they turned ‘Vader, met geheven handen…’ into ‘Vader, met gevouwen handen…’

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