The BIG news

Well, a looonnnggg time ago I already mentioned that big news was coming up. I decided for several reasons however that it was better not to reveal too early what this news would be. But, now is the time. Here’s the thing: we are going to be in missions… with Agapè The Netherlands!! Yes, that is quite a change. As of January 2004, I will join Agapè (part of the worldwide ‘Campus Crusade for Christ’) as a financial controller. Mira will be involved in Agapè’s women’s ministry for a small part of her time.

Agapè is a organisation focussing on spreading the gospel directly and indirectly, through a number of ministries such as training and schools, several focus groups (teenagers, women, family) and multimedia. There is a lot going on at the moment, and there is a big need for experienced professionals. The only thing is that the jobs are unpaid… So, we will have to raise our own support.

For me it is the coming true of a dream, to be able to use my business knowledge and experience in God’s Kingdom. I feel truly privileged to get this job; also to get to work with other ‘intrinsically motivated’, inspiring people. Last week we got the final ‘go’ from Agapè, a decision we awaited before communicating widely. So, this week, we have been working hard on the first newsletter that we hope to send out early next week.

I’ll try to tell the whole story in a more structured way one of these days.

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