Yesterday I went to London for the third time in j…

Yesterday I went to London for the third time in just a few weeks for the IAS project I am working on. The reason we went yesterday was kind of remarkable: the lady we had to meet, who was frequently in Amsterdam, is pregnant and does not fly anymore during her pregnancy. So, we had to go there – reluctantly, of course. ABN AMRO London is located in the City (the financial district), a very lively area compared to ABN AMRO’s office in Amsterdam. The trend over there is walking around with a cappuccino in your hand, Italian suit and a small briefcase and go out for lunch at the Thai restaurant. So we did, as you will understand. We even had a couple of beers before returning to the airport.

The bad part: we had the first flight in and the last flight out, which meant leaving home at 5.30 AM and returning at 11.15 PM.

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