Back from Kandern

We’re back! We’ve had a great time in Kandern, South Germany. 50 people from 10 different countries, 4 days of conference. It was more than fun to do it together (Mira and I). At the same time, it has been a confusing week. Our friend Ruud (68) had been in hospital for a couple of […]

Church quest (5)

Yes, I know… I should update more often. And I will… but not now. Don’t worry, we go to church every Sunday, the quest is still ongoing. I’ll tell more about it next week. As I said: we will be off to Germany for the Agape conference.

Rosa’s birthday!

Yes, today it’s Rosa’s official birthday: 3 years old!!. We celebrated it already last Friday and Saturday, because today we are preparing to leave for the Agape Young Leader conference in Germany. Rosa and Sara are with grandma and grandpa Evenblij, they will have fun this week.

Het kerkje op de hoek

Het kerkje op de hoek (‘Church on the corner’) is a presentation on our (previous) church in Amsterdam. I found this back on the server and thought that a link to it would be nice.


Here it is: our first NEWSLETTER in Dutch!!

My first Polaroid

Joyce donated us her old Polaroid digital camera, a simple but effective one. These are the first results, they are getting better each shot, as you can see (from left to right). So, from top left to bottom right: 1 Fuzzy me 2 A chair 3 A piece of art by Mira, s***** up by […]

Third Day – Take my Life

Take My Life by: Third Day CD: Third Day INTRO: G C D G VERSE 1: G C D G How many times have I turned away C G D The number is the same as the sand on the shore G C D G Everytime, you’ve taken me back C D G and now […]

What’s news

Have been working all night on our first ‘official’ newsletter, to be sent out tomorrow. It’s a lot of work, but we must see it as an investment. The actual writing is kinda fun, but the logistics are terrible. We already heard people say that the strangest things happen when working on the newsletters – […]