Agape transition update

We’re getting close! Another 4 days before I formally quit my job. Wednesday I’ll drive to the office for the last time to return my car, my laptop, my cellphone… I will miss them 🙁 Last week we bought a car, a nice 4-year old Ford Mondeo. I’ll need it, it is a 50-minute drive […]

New skin

A new skin is being birthed for this site. Somewhere in the next few weeks I’ll try a couple of things, so you be prepared. Also, I will set up this site or our home site for the prayer points and news updates regarding our transition to Agape. If you have any suggestions, feel free […]

The times they are a-changin’… It’s been crazy w…

The times they are a-changin’… It’s been crazy weeks, and still is… another 3 days of ‘regular’ work to go, and then holiday – I am really looking forward to it. Lots of things have been happening, the death of our friend has been more of a thing to cope with than we thought at […]