10 years…

This is my wife – since exactly 10 years today! Mira, thank you so much for being my wife. You are the most beautiful, wise, joyful person I know. Thank you for loving me, respecting me, completing me every single day. Thank you for being the best mother Rosa and Sara could wish! Thank you […]

Speakers’ corner

It was my turn to do a devotional at the bi-monthly staff meeting yesterday. I spoke about light and darkness. An obvious theme in December, but I felt I needed to share some things that God has been learning me over the last few months. Especially the concept of allowing God’s light over all parts […]

The exemplary evangelical

New York Times columnist David Brooks wrote a very intruiging column on the ‘exemplary evangelical’. He suggests it is not Jerry Fallwell or Pat Robertson, but someone like John Stott. I guess he is right, at leat about Fallwell and Robertson. The thing I like the most though, is the fact that Brooks recognizes Stott […]

St Nicholas

5 December is ‘St Nicholas’ day’: a traditional children’s party where a Santa Claus-like man comes with his helpers (black Peters, as they are called) to either give presents to the kids when they have been good, or take them back to Spain, when they have behaved badly. The kids celebrated this at least 4 […]

Impartational Mentors

Found an interesting article on the net: Impartational Mentors by Fred Peatross Through most of the modern era the church has relied upon an educational model with the classroom as the primary tool and training ground for Christ-like growth and transformation. Kingdom values and identity are exhorted, sometimes discussed, in an educational setting with the […]

Personal growth

I have not been blogging a lot about personal stuff lately. I should, if this blog reflects my life as it is. As I said before, we had a great time in Spain end of October. During that week, a process of spiritual growth has started in a way that I never experienced before. It […]

Funny Bible Verses database

Two milestones at the same time: www.boerenroem.nl is working and the Funny Bible Verses database is here! The first is not full flash yet, for the time being if you click it you’ll be redirected to this same blog. I have to work on a general ‘shell’ for the website. But, the ‘FBV-database’ is already […]

Rosa’s birthday

Today Rosa had her birthday… she turned 4! She threw a party for about 10 little friends of her. I was home to assist, which was absolutely necessary (which is something every parent knows). We had set up a couple of indoor games and some creative stuff, so we really wore the kids out. They […]

Greatest Dutchman (2)

Since yesterday this weblog gets many hits through people searching the Internet for ‘the greatest Dutchman’. The election seems to have hit the international press quite a bit, since the visitors are from different countries of the world. Well, having said that… the finals of the election of the Greatest Dutchman has been fun to […]