Funny Bible verses

I have been walking around with this idea to create a funny-bible-verse database. Sometimes when reading the bible you run into very typical verses, sayings and so. Things you don’t expect in The Bible, you know… I thought it would be nice to put them together to show that the bible indeed is a surprising book after all! So. I will try to post them every now and then on this site, but I need your help! Please don’t hesitate to add a Funny Bible Verse (FBV) when you encounter one, by clicking the ‘comments’ link below this post.

Here we go, FBV #1:

Proverbs 26:19  […] “Was I not joking?”

My story behind this FBV is that when I was 17, I went to Canada on holiday. On a summer camp I visited with my cousins there was a bible study, I think every day, although I don’t remember clearly. Anyhow, the only thing I do remember was the fact that some guy preached on this verse, and he repeated it over and over, I guess he thought it was funny too.

O, and this is what the Net Bible says about it:

The subject of this proverb is not simply a deceiver, but one who does it out of jest, or at least who claims he was joking afterward. The participle qj@c^m= has the idea of “laughing, mocking”; in this context it might convey the idea of “kidding” or “joking.” The point is that such practical joking is immature and often dangerous. To the foolish deceiver it might all seem like fun, like sport; but it can destroy people. One cannot trifle with dangerous weapons, or put them in irresponsible hands; likewise one cannot trifle with human relationships. Plaut notes, “The only worthwhile humor is that which laughs with, not at others” (Proverbs, p. 270).

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