Winter in Almerica is cold

The view from our backyard this morning. Isn’t it beautiful? The downside: it took me almost 2 hours to get to the office, because of the weather conditions…

The bigger the better?

I did a search on different search engines to find out if this site would be found. The search was simple: “Mark de Boer Almere”. Should be enough to locate my site, don’t you think? Here are the results: Hotbot: No 3 Lycos: No 6 AskJeeves: No 1 And Google: No show! Altavista: No show!

New skin

Well, here it is… the new skin for this website! I promised you a long time ago that it would be there. I’ll do some finetuning in the next few days, but I think the major restyling has been done. Let me know what you think of it by clicking the “Comments” link below!

The Wedding

We proudly announce that our daughter Rosa de Boer got married to Pieter van Voorthuizen. The wedding took place in Almere, on a beautiful location in the ‘Neighbourhood of Seasons’. The happy couple during the ceremony… After the ceremony there was cake and music… And after the party there was… eehm, well, I guess this […]

Church quest (ended)

Oops, I know I never really finished my reports on our church quest. Partly because of a discussion Mira and I had some time ago about this. She felt that it was not fair towards the churches to ‘rate’ them, implying one would be better that another, turning my personal opinion in a judgment. Of […]


Feels like we’re already halfway 2004! Our life is different from before these days. My new job with Agapè, the new church, and at the same time getting away more and more from the things we were doing before: youthgroup, music, being part of the church community in Amsterdam. Sometimes I feel ‘disconnected’ (if you […]

As I wrote in the previous post, lately I have bee…

As I wrote in the previous post, lately I have been thinking about what I could do with my time and energy apart from my family and work. I was thinking about youth churches, but also about the prayer movement in the Netherlands. There is a number of cities where ‘city prayer’ is held; interdenominational, […]