Feels like we’re already halfway 2004! Our life is different from before these days. My new job with Agapè, the new church, and at the same time getting away more and more from the things we were doing before: youthgroup, music, being part of the church community in Amsterdam. Sometimes I feel ‘disconnected’ (if you know what I mean) because of all this: we have to find our way in a new organisation/work community, in a new church and even in a new city (living here for 15 months now). The good thing is that it also brings a lot of peace and relaxation – there’s no stress or pressure to perform, no deadlines, no responsibilities… Theoretically it would also mean lots of time for good stuff like weblogging :-), spending time with God, wife and kids, and so on. I don’t seem to be such a person… a little pressure helps me to perform much better in many ways.

So, the last couple of months have not been easy. Probably this is our portion of spiritual battle that everybody says comes with ‘stepping forward in the Kingdom of God’. To put it more simple: Satan does not like us to join Agapè, or even to seek for a new church! We have both been struggling mentally, physically and spiritually. But, God is faithful. I just want to stick to that, knowing that we are taking the right steps in faith – God is there and He will provide.

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