Working on Friday

This morning I went to Groningen, to the Athletes in Action office over there. For those who don’t know: Groningen is far away from almost everything (except the North pole), so it was a long drive. How about that for a Friday! Usually I don’t work on Fridays, but I had planned to go with another colleague. But, he cancelled his trip earlier this week, … Lees verder Working on Friday

My first video

Well, here is a try-out of a video we taped about a week ago. I have made a video-movie before, using Adobe Premiere. That worked really well, so I tried again on my new notebook. This time Premiere causes me a lot of trouble – corrupted project files, errors connecting to the DV capture port, et cetera. However: long live the internet! I found solutions … Lees verder My first video


Just added a rss-feed to this blog through The url is: Now I have to see if it works. I installed IntraVnews, which seems to work pretty good. It is an Outlook 2003 plug-in, that shows weblog posts for subscribed sites in the Outlook folders. Lees verder RSS


Tonight Jan-Willem donated me a laptop… I can hardly believe it! I type this post on a fancy looking, 1 Ghz / 256Mb / 20Gb Sky notebook with XP Pro. Incredible, what a blessing! I have been using a notebook for the last few years, so I had gotten to get used to it; however, those were always provided by my employer. As I wrote … Lees verder Miracle!

Inspired by Finance

Today was the day… 3 of my former colleagues visited Agape. It was an interesting meeting where we talked about vision, mission, goals, critical success factors, performance indicators… so good to be back in business for one day 🙂 We had the opportunity to share what Agape is about, and at the same time we could benefit from the expertise and experiences of the consultants. … Lees verder Inspired by Finance