What a weekend

We’ve had a very long weekend – from Friday till today. Friday night started with a visit to my brother in Zeist for a secret meeting… I can’t explain what we did, because some people might read this that are not supposed to know. We had a lot of fun for sure. Saturday we went to Mira’s sister in Numansdorp (near Rotterdam); nephew Menno and niece Paulien had had their birthday. It was a pleasant stay, the whole Evenblij dynasty was there: Grandpa and -ma, the 3 sisters with their husbands and the 6 grandchildren (3 boys and 3 girls…). At 7 pm Rosa and Sara left with grandpa and -ma to stay with them for a couple of days, so Mira and I would have some time together! We stayed with Mira’s sister to watch Idols, but it was only a summary of the weeks before šŸ™ No kidding, it was great to be with them and to have some time to be updated about eachother’s lifes.

And then Sunday – what a day! Of course we started out by sleeping in, as the girls were not there. Then we hurried for church; there was a family service with a meal. That was great, good food and good company. Since we have not been there for such a long time now, it was a great opportunity to meet some people we only new by face. By the way: the message was: pass it on!, about living a life of ‘giving’ instead of ‘taking’. A great message with incredible impact when it’s lived out…

But that was not all for the Sunday. From our church we left for Amsterdam for a service in our former church… with a meal! Yes, 2 services with 2 meals at the same day. This was the highlight of the day, I must say. This service was the closing ceremony of a ‘spiritual growth journey’ that the assembly undertook for 40 days, following the Purpose-driven Life book by Rick Warren. It was a true party! I guess nobody could foresee how this journey would be and what it would lead to. The results are heartwarming already: 6 people baptised, 3 more started participating in ‘breaking bread’, lives changed! There were some powerful testimonies during the service – unprecedented! One girl told how she was touched by God one night, how she experienced Him almost tangibly. I have never heard such a testimony in the brethern assembly, it was so cool.

There were also many non-believers in the service as guests of some of the people that were baptised. I think it is a day to remember for all of those who were there.

On Monday and Tuesday I took the days off. Mira and I did a lot of little things in and around the house. I painted all the walls of my study, blue and orange (or something that looks like orange – it was not exactly the color I wanted:-)). Check the pictures to see if you like it… we ended this ‘extended weekend’ by fetching the kids from Mira’s parents, and hearing all the good stories about how sweet and lovely they are… and that’s exactly what we think!

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