She’s still standing

Well, not all the time of course, but it seems Sara gets the point of walking instead of crawling. I have to admit that she ‘steals the show’ (as we say in dutch) these days. She gets me to laugh about her walking, her talking, her manners… it’s so cute. We borrowed a video camera from Mira’s sister last week, so we have taped a lot of both girls playing, in bath, etcetera. Maybe I’ll get to transfer it to the computer in the near future so I can put some of it online.

Today I have been preparing for a special event: this Thursday a couple of my former colleagues management consultants from Atos KPMG Consulting will visit Agape. They are ‘available’ the entire day for us. We will have a strategic session with some of our leaders and supervisory board members, using the Balanced Scorecard methodology. It’s exciting because it’s new for both the consultants and Agape. Normally management consultants are way out of range for an organisation like Agape, so it’s a unique experience – if not experiment – to translate commercial management instruments into the world of charity. I’m looking forward to it!

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