Tonight Jan-Willem donated me a laptop… I can hardly believe it! I type this post on a fancy looking, 1 Ghz / 256Mb / 20Gb Sky notebook with XP Pro. Incredible, what a blessing! I have been using a notebook for the last few years, so I had gotten to get used to it; however, those were always provided by my employer. As I wrote before, Agapè does not provide a car, a mobile phone or a notebook, so I had to do without. I tried for 2 months and a half, and as long as I was in the office it was fine, but sometimes I felt rather inflexible when at home. I have been asking myself if I really needed a notebook or if I just wanted one because I was so used to it. Just this weekend I had an experience that convinced me of the first – I failed a deadline basically because I could not be in the office.

Isn’t it great how God provides? The funny thing is, this laptop was in pieces when JW sent it in for repair. The repair company called him to say that there had been an attempt to steal the machine, so they would renew some stuff without cost because it had been slightly damaged. When he got it back, it was actually a brand new machine…

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