Working on Friday

This morning I went to Groningen, to the Athletes in Action office over there. For those who don’t know: Groningen is far away from almost everything (except the North pole), so it was a long drive. How about that for a Friday! Usually I don’t work on Fridays, but I had planned to go with another colleague. But, he cancelled his trip earlier this week, so I was on my own.

AiA is planning to take about 1200 youth to Greece this summer to do sports clinics and support local churches in preparing for the upcoming Olympics. Their vision is: bringing the gospel back to where it came from! They are doing a really good job.

The only problem is that they run a lot faster than the rest of Agapè 🙂 We talked about the difficulty of being a projects-oriented ministry within a larger, mainly proces-oriented organisation. To get 1200 people on the plane to Greece in a 1,5 day timeframe, have them transported around Greece, sleep, eat, act and have fun for 2 weeks, you need to be able to act quick and be flexible and sometimes take risks. (Well, probably most of all you need Gods spirit and the guts to do it, but okay.) That is not always easy if processes and procedures are not set up that way, simply because there never was a need for it.

I hope we can truly help them in the near future reaching their goals.

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