Church & The City

Agape’s mission is to see The Netherlands influenced by the gospel of Jesus Christ. The strategy to make this happen is through the cities. Traditionally, we have always been strong in the countryside, but not in the cities. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that the church in general has been stronger in those places than in the large cities. Jan Baan and his platform The Church and the City organised a one-day seminar on this topic in Amsterdam, Noorderkerk. This church is in one of the prettiest areas of the town. It was a useful day to sharpen the vision and to be out in the sun (it was sunny and warm!). It also showed we (Agape) still have a lot of work to do. In my humble opinion, we need more than a written-down strategy and action plan to reach the city. We need people that love and treasure it, that enjoy citylife in all its facets. People that live in the city and are able to value the variety of cultures, traditions, trends, arts; people that can blend in, relate and connect and still be different. We need people that can connect to the Yuppies and the Yuffies, as Allan Barth put it.

Where are they? In the city, maybe?

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