Busy schedule

By now I really know I work with Agapè / Campus Crusade for Christ. This morning I was asked to lead worship tomorrow morning at the monthly staff meeting. This Sunday I will be speaking at a special service in our former church in Amsterdam on The Passion of The Christ (where Agapè is heavily involved in the follow-up and outreach activities here in The Netherlands) and next Sunday I will be speaking in Utrecht in the Brethern Assembly on Purpose Driven Life – also a major activity of Agapè. It all came up very quickly, but I really like the opportunities.

At the same time, we are right in the middle of the planning and budgeting process. The meeting last Thursday (see the Agape Update blog) went really well. It took a lot of preparation, but it was worth it. We had a good discussion on strategic planning and I was able to communicate some of the basics of accounting and financial management. There was good response to this, because for many it was always somewhat fuzzy what all this financial stuff is about. But, since it was only a kick-off, we have literally only just begun…

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