Daddy’s days

Yesterday and today are daddy’s days… mom’s out! For two days in a row, Mira visits seminars on evangelisation. Sounds boring, or even offensive when you’re a non-believer – but it is far from that. I think we have come a long way from the old-style, pushy way of bringing the gospel (I remember the so-called street-evangelism in the mall in Utrecht, with a group of shy people and one guitar, singing out-of-tune oldfashioned songs, leaving the preaching to the man with the loudest voice. The worst thing that could happen was when somebody you knew would pass by…). These seminars are much more on the ‘how-to’s’ of communication and building relationships; in a wider sense it’s about spiritual trend-watching: what are the issues the average person deals with, and what can we bring, how can we help?

So, Mira was at an Agape seminar yesterday and at a Rafael seminar today, while I am home with the girls. Fortunately, the weather is great so they can be out most of the day. In the meantime I prepare for the message tomorrow in the special ‘Passion for Christ’ service in Amsterdam – it will be my first real multi-media performance 🙂 I use the movietrailer (50Mb), fragments from an interview with Mel Gibson and an animated FAQ on the movie in Powerpoint. (Techie-tip: Powerpoint 2002 has superb animation features, much better than earlier versions!).

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