The traditional Easter weekend ‘Opwekking’ (Revival) conference will also be held this year. Since a couple of years one of the youth programs is called ‘HQ Event’, run by the HQ department of Agapè. The philosophy of HQ is in their name: Heavenly Quality! No wonder the scheduled program is both in content and in form of high quality. They have in-depth bible studies with … Lees verder HQ


I’ll take my responsibility in linking to www.beurtbalkje.nl (Dutch readers only). I think this initiative needs to be supported, it can’t be that such a commonly used tool remains unnamed 🙂 And by the way, on the site Wikipedia is mentioned – another link worth a visit. Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that is maintained and updated by the worldwide internet community. Check it out! Lees verder Beurtbalkje

Manager for God

Agapè leader Hans Pruis gave me a unpublished book he wrote last year, called ‘Een boekje open’, which translates something like ‘A story unrevealed’. It is kind of his memoires, in which he writes down thoughts and reflections he finds hard to express otherwise. It is fun to read and very accessible. I started when I got home this afternoon, in the backyard in the … Lees verder Manager for God

The Wedding

Yes, my sister Ingeborg got married last Friday! It was a great party, from the beginning to the end. We were home at 2.30 in the morning – that’s always a good indicator 🙂 She looked gorgeous, and her man Joan too. The story is that they met not even 10 months ago during holiday in France. Therefore, we don’t know him that well yet, … Lees verder The Wedding