Queen’s Day

Yesterday was our National holiday Queen’s Day: the celebration of the queen’s birthday. Although it is actually the queen-mother’s birthday who died just over a month ago, it is still celebrated on April 30. And as ever, Holland was orange all over. It is one of the most traditions-filled days in the year:

  • The royal family visits one or two cities to celebrate with the citizens. This is almost the only occasion in the year to see them in a somewhat informal role.

  • Therefore, everybody puts on the television, but nobody watches.

  • In every city, early morning the national flag is raised and the national anthem is played. (Remember: this is not America!)

  • Most cities have children’s plays, fancy fairs, street performances and so on.

  • Therefore, some people get out of bed early to find cheap goods at the local free market while others wait until the afternoon to collect the rummage that was left behind.

    For us, it was a family reunion – the Evenblij family came to visit us. We visited the free market, and in the afternoon we enjoyed the perfect weather around our house. On the picture: the loot of the day…

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