Home alone & stone age

Mira and the kids are with her parents this week. That means I am home alone… which basically means I work too long and go to bed too late 🙂

We are planning to do some restyling in our backyard, and we were offered a bunch of cobblestones by Dimitri and Esther. I already took a load of them last week in my car, which was not a good idea. By the time I got home, the car looked more like a rocketship – the backside almost hit the floor. And when we unloaded, it was a lot less than we expected – so I borrowed a little trailer and went back to get a second load. It was a pleasant evening with Dimitri and Esther, and by the time we started to load the trailer it was already dark. Not a problem, until I got home – it took me 20 minutes to park the 600 kilo heavy trailer in our carport.

And still we don’t have enough…

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