The Wedding

Yes, my sister Ingeborg got married last Friday! It was a great party, from the beginning to the end. We were home at 2.30 in the morning – that’s always a good indicator 🙂 She looked gorgeous, and her man Joan too. The story is that they met not even 10 months ago during holiday in France. Therefore, we don’t know him that well yet, let alone his family. He is the youngest of twelve, his oldest sister has my mom’s age… that’s kind of weird. It was also kind of weird (and nice at the same time) to first meet his family on the wedding, but we had a wonderful day. We started in Utrecht for the official ceremony, made a little walk through the city with the company of people (about 50 or so), while the photographer was taking pictures. Fantastic ambiance. Then we went to Rhijnauwen, a well-known country-side type of place near Utrecht where we were the afternoon outside in the sun. Superb location as well. The church service was in Zeist in one of the most beautiful halls I have seen – a white hall with wooden floor, fairly large and super acoustics. Just a fantastic day! And bu the way, Rosa and Sara were bride girls, as you can see on the picture. My mother-in-law created their dresses, isn’t it great?

We prepared a couple of funny songs for the party at night, but our main thing was a video that we made over the last few weeks with the De Boer family. We used the format of television program ‘The Weddingplanner’, where this guy helps people out to get their wedding organised, and made a funny parody for Ingeborg and Joan. It cost us some years of our lives to put the thing together, but the endresult is very good (if I may say so…) I think they enjoyed it almost as much as we did!

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