Manager for God

Agapè leader Hans Pruis gave me a unpublished book he wrote last year, called ‘Een boekje open’, which translates something like ‘A story unrevealed’. It is kind of his memoires, in which he writes down thoughts and reflections he finds hard to express otherwise. It is fun to read and very accessible. I started when I got home this afternoon, in the backyard in the sun, and finished most of it already. I think I like it because I can relate to a lot of his stories about being a ‘manager for God’, as he was called sometimes. Not that I see myself as a manager the way Hans is, but being a ‘business professional’ in ministry there are parallels. It also struck me how much today’s situation looks like the times when Hans became National Director; many of the issues Agapè struggles with today are the same as fifteen to twenty years ago.

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