Blog dip

Having kind of a blog dip. Don’t know what it is, maybe I need a break. Another 3 weeks before holiday starts… where shall we go? France or Denmark?


Repaired the blog template. It didn’t seem to work properly for the comments pages. From now on you can comment again!


Got our car back on my birthday (last Friday). I can’t say that was a good birthday present, since I have to pay for it myself… but I’m glad it’s working again. We had our birthday party Friday night. To my surprise my parents were there, I expected them to be still on holiday in […]

Our car broke down. Last weekend I noticed one of …

Our car broke down. Last weekend I noticed one of those red indicators on the dashboard that usually mean trouble lit up. And trouble it was… On Monday I drove to the nearest garage to where I was, where they told me I could not drive further. I was shocked to hear the repair would […]


This is what I call beauty. God, thank you for these girls!! [Click to enlarge] (Bart Guijt made these perfect pictures last Friday, while we were working in the garden)

Please, In My Backyard

Worked in the backyard on Friday and Saturday. We enlarged the terrace, the ‘functional area’ of the garden. It was quite a job, but we managed to finish it before dark. Question: On the picture, which part is the new part of the terrace? This is actually half of the job; next week we’ll start […]


We published our latest newsletter (in Dutch). Read it here! If you think it should be translated into English, let me know by adding a comment to this post.

Last Saturday Mira’s parents celebrated their wedd…

Last Saturday Mira’s parents celebrated their wedding anniversary: 40 years! They took us on a boat ride on the Giessen, a little river in the middle of the Alblasserwaard. Brother-in-law Ron mailed me some pictures. Aren’t they cute?

Birthday – hurray hurray

Mira celebrates her anniversary today! It would be improper to mention her age of course, but I think it is safe to say she is a little bit older than she was on the picture. The weather is perfect for a birthday party, so I am going home right now to do so. If you […]


Sam (our buildings and maintenance manager) just entered my office with two sandwiches tunafish and a Coke… what a surprise! Someone had forgotten to take lunch with him, and Sam’s wife Ineke offered to make him a sandwich. I joked that I’d like to order a sandwich tunafish – and there it was… I feel […]