Yes, tomorrow is the big day: we are going on holiday! We have packed the caravan, cleaned the house and are praying for better weather. We are going to Normandy, France for two weeks with my parents’ trailer. I hope to finish a couple of books I already started and to read a couple of […]

Mongolian CCC

Today we got a letter from the lady we stayed with in Erdenet, Mongolia in 2001. It turns out she is going to be in fulltime ministry with Mongolia Campus Crusade for Christ! Great news.   Funny: she has to raise her own support like we do. Small difference: she needs $ 60 a month […]


Cool stuff: w.bloggar. If you see this post, w.bloggar works… It is an ‘interface between you and your blog’, as their website says. It seems to work pretty cool, much easier to upload pictures and format a post. No need to login on (in my case), once you have the account in place, double […]

Is it November?

Some of you know we have something with November. So, you can imagine I have this site in my Favorites…

Squeezing oranges

Holland lost the semi-finals in the European soccer championship. It won’t take long before the orange mania here is gone; when I drove to work this morning I already saw people take down their flags and banners. We gave my dad an orange team of eleven goldfish for his birthday. He just mailed that they […]