Watch the clouds

I’m lying in bed. I hear it’s raining. Rosa walks into the room, looks outside and says: ‘The clouds are going away!’ I say: ‘No, dear, it’s raining and the air is all grey’.Two minutes later the sun is shining and there is enough blue sky to make a Dutchman a pair of pants. The […]

Back in town

I’m back from Kandern. It has been a great time. I’ve had the opportunity to meet with a lot of people from the Agapè European office and the Orlando international office. I am inspired in many ways to align our own ministry with Europe and the international movement. I think there is a lot more […]

High touch – an answer to High tech

Hanspeter Nüesch, Director of Campus für Christus Switzerland, lectured on societal developments and the christian response to it. Here are some of his remarks, mixed with some of mine: We live in a high tech, fast moving, information-overloaded, pluralistic society. Alltogether we can state that it suffers from two megatrends: a lack of love (a […]

Swiss retreat

Yesterday night I returned from Switzerland. I was invited to join the leadership of Campus für Christus (Agape’s sister-ministry) in a two-day retreat. CfC Switzerland is in many ways similar to Agape NL, so Hans thought is was a good idea to visit them and to see what and how they have done things. It […]

Messed up blog

Blogger put a new ‘NavBar’ on top of my page without telling me… it messed it all up. I changed my template, but there are still a couple of minor issues to solve. Any suggestions on the template are welcome!

Preparing for Germany

Next week I’ll be in Germany (the Agapè European Headquarters) and Switzerland to meet with some of the leaders and colleagues there. Tuesday and Wednesday I will be joining the Swiss leadership retreat as a guest. That will be interesting, since my Schweizerdeutsch is not my native tongue, to say the least… But I guess […]

Slender / meager

Just read that the dutch ‘Skinny Anonymous’ wants to have the Dutch word for slender or meager out of the dictionaries because it would be offensive to skinny people. What a ridiculous idea! I am almost 2 meters tall (almost 6 ft 8) and only 75 kgs (165 pounds), so I guess you can call […]

We’re back

Yes, we’re back after a good 3 weeks of holiday. We had a great time in France: perfect weather, nice camping, plenty of time to do nothing. Today I got back in the office. It was closed during our vacation, so I didn’t miss a lot of things. The mailman had brought good and bad […]