Slender / meager

Just read that the dutch ‘Skinny Anonymous’ wants to have the Dutch word for slender or meager out of the dictionaries because it would be offensive to skinny people. What a ridiculous idea! I am almost 2 meters tall (almost 6 ft 8) and only 75 kgs (165 pounds), so I guess you can call me skinny. I have never felt insulted or offended in any way to be called skinny, although I must say: it seems to be a lot easier for people to comment on skinny people than on fat people. Somehow people think being fat is more of a problem than being skinny. I have often wanted to ask people if they would dare to say the same kind of things to a fat person. Of course, sometimes I would like to have a ‘normal’ frame myself, but hey – I am not ashamed of who I am. To me, an initiative like this seems to come from some very frustrated people….

And now that I mention it: This holiday, I bathed in a tight swimsuit for the first time since I was 10 or so. I have been wearing wide shorts for a long time. Maybe there was a little shame involved anyhow?

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