Back in town

I’m back from Kandern. It has been a great time. I’ve had the opportunity to meet with a lot of people from the Agapè European office and the Orlando international office. I am inspired in many ways to align our own ministry with Europe and the international movement. I think there is a lot more to get from Europe than most of us are aware, and I think alignment would strengthen our own ministry.

Saturdaymorning I could even do a little sightseeing. The Black Forest is a beautiful place with a lot of forest (no surprise), lovely hills and nice little villages. I joked that this is because it is so close to Switzerland, but not everybody liked that one…

In the afternoon we drove back. Or actually: I drove back and Hans talked. I know that I sometimes feel the need to talk, to tell the story, driving Mira crazy with my detailed reports on whatever. Well, I found out I am not the only one!

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