Only a history’s handful…

Last weekend we attended a very special conference in Potsdam, near Berlin, Germany. History’s Handful is the name of Campus Crusade’s ‘millionaires ministry’ (as I heard somebody call it). They organised a European conference for CCfC staff and guests. Mira and I were invited to go, because another Dutch couple had to cancel. It was […]

Newsletter 3

Our latest newsletter (in Dutch) is out! Download the Word or PDF version here!

Wealth, riches and money

During my long rides I am listening to a 3-CD session of Earl Pitts on finances. I got these through our Swiss colleagues, who have this ministry called History’s Handful, focusing on the rich and wealthy of this earth. Earl Pitts is the author of a couple of books, and he talks about Wealth, Riches […]

Agape Leadership Training

Started the Agape Leadership Training yesterday night. It is the formal internal staff training, but it is open to everybody. I am participant in Gerrit Kwantes’ class in Amsterdam. He is the one that started the whole thing of us working with Agape almost 3 years ago, so it is fun to do this together […]

Gods of Business

Oops, I saw that I did not blog for a while. There is sure a lot to blog about, so I will backdate some posts. Anyhow. Someone mailed me a link to the Speaking of Faith website and radioshow, featuring a professor from Wolfsberg University and UBS named Pradhu Guptara. I listened the first 15 […]

Paid work

Hired my first external consultant today. It’s really fun to be at the other side of the table, having someone work for you… We have some issues to solve around logistics and inventory management, it is kind of messy and nobody knows exactly what’s going on. Since I lack the knowledge and time as well, […]

Old friends

Today our old friends Hans and Andrea paid us a visit with their 3 kids. We had not seen them for a long time. Hans and I used to be best friends in our teens, we (or especially Hans) were infamous in church and far beyond. Basically since I moved to Amsterdam 11 years ago, […]