Paid work

Hired my first external consultant today. It’s really fun to be at the other side of the table, having someone work for you… We have some issues to solve around logistics and inventory management, it is kind of messy and nobody knows exactly what’s going on. Since I lack the knowledge and time as well, I figured the only real solution was to buy it in. The office we’re hiring from is a long-time business relation of Agape, and the guy who’s doing the job is actually an AIA associate. We are doing the job together, I am still too much of a consultant to leave it entirely to someone else. The fun thing is: now I can choose to do only the fun stuff, and leave the rest to the consultant.

And for those of you who are worrying how we spend our money: this is going to save us more than it will cost, I am very sure.

By the way: I found out that my former employer now lost the most valuable four letters of its name (K P M G)… The firm is now called Atos Consulting. I guess that it does not affect the quality of work, but you never know 🙂

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