Gods of Business
Gods of Business

Gods of Business

Oops, I saw that I did not blog for a while. There is sure a lot to blog about, so I will backdate some posts.

Anyhow. Someone mailed me a link to the Speaking of Faith website and radioshow, featuring a professor from Wolfsberg University and UBS named Pradhu Guptara. I listened the first 15 minutes or so, and it is definitely fascinating. His is intrigued by how it can be, that in the most religious country in the world (USA) there seem to be no morals or ethics in business.

Here’s a quote:

I have no issue with people earning lots of money. I do have a problem when, for example, in the richest country in the world, the USA, we have a population in which 70 percent has no net wealth, and one percent of the population holds 40 percent of the assets. Over the past 20 years, real wages have declined for 80 percent of the population. And this is not an issue only in the USA, it is a worldwide trend today. I think most of us have no problem with a system which allows reasonable accumulation of wealth gained in return for the exertion of intelligence, industry, risk-taking, and sheer effort. But I think most people in the world do have a problem with a system which allows unlimited accumulation of wealth at the same time as allowing millions of people to have nothing when they are exerting as much energy and intelligence as other people. Thirty-five hundred children died today because they had no food or water. Three thousand five hundred will die tomorrow for the same reasons. And the day after. And every day… till you and I decide to do something about it. What was merely a tragedy yesterday is today a tragedy as well as an obscenity, for we live in a time of over-supply of all basic goods for the first time in history, which makes it entirely unnecessary for anyone to starve, or have no clothes or to have no roof of some basic sort over their heads.

The guy calls himself a Hindu follower of Jesus… I still have to find out what that means. Intriguing as well, isn’t it.

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