Wealth, riches and money
Wealth, riches and money

Wealth, riches and money

During my long rides I am listening to a 3-CD session of Earl Pitts on finances. I got these through our Swiss colleagues, who have this ministry called History’s Handful, focusing on the rich and wealthy of this earth. Earl Pitts is the author of a couple of books, and he talks about Wealth, Riches and Money. His main thing is ‘closing the circle’ – instead of the world system of never enough, define what you need (including wants) and God will give you more than enough, even overflowing. I particularly like his thoughts on the difference between the words. He states that wealth is God-given and intended to multiply, and money belongs to the world and can be used by both God and Mammon.
He really creates insight in all these seemingly difficult things like why God does not always give money when you think you need it.
The way he explains sounds easy, but it is quite profound. Even his teaching on tithing is quite revolutionary (but yes, you still have to tithe, so it’s not thát revolutionary!).
It is very good to learn about these things, especially since we are still working on our own support. Having a sound biblical view on finances is key to it.

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