Only a history’s handful…

Last weekend we attended a very special conference in Potsdam, near Berlin, Germany. History’s Handful is the name of Campus Crusade’s ‘millionaires ministry’ (as I heard somebody call it). They organised a European conference for CCfC staff and guests. Mira and I were invited to go, because another Dutch couple had to cancel. It was a great time, first of all to go together and secondly because it was very inspiring. There were a lot of interesting people, inspiring and amazing stories, and last but not least the place was beautiful.

History’s Handful challenges people to invest their LIFE (Labour, Influence, Finances and Expertise) for the Kingdom of God. The specific challenge is to contribute at least a million dollar/euro in a lifetime. I think this conference is the only one in Campus/Agape with dress code ‘formal’ 🙂

The company was mixed: a descendant of the Prussian Kaiser Wilhelm, a Chinese orchestra conductor, investment bankers, African businessmen and so on. Stories were presented from all over the world. Amazing what God is doing in China, Africa, and even in Berlin and Switzerland. One of the most dramatic reports was from North Korea. A whole nation is starving, while the land has plenty resources. The government begs for help, but not aloud – through silent diplomacy and contacts humanitarian aid to the country is possible. The system is about to collapse. When it happens, thousands of South Koreans are ready to invade the country for the good – to bring the gospel in there. I truly believe that God has been moving in South Korea, making it the most christian country in the world, to be of great blessing to the North in the near future.

Another amazing story is that of Xiao Min, a Chinese peasant girl that wrote over 1.000 worship songs in the last couple of years. Through her, God gave the Chinese church its own songbook…

The chinese conductor sang a couple of her songs. Really amazing.

I believe many were touched this weekend through all the stories and the reports. The conference motto was ‘Secrets of Generosity’, with 5 loafs of bread an 2 fish as the visualisation of it. A profound thought: when you give what you have, God will multiply it to abundance.

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