Off to Spain

Yes, we’re off to Girona, Spain for the Agape Europe Leader Development conference. There will be about 50 people from over 10 countries, the overall theme is ‘Leadership in Action’. I am particularly looking forward to hearing Andrea Buczynski, the Global head of Leadership Development in Campus Crusade. She will be speaking on the 4 […]


My Bloginality is ENFP! Just did the test. I noticed that the site was not updated for a while, so maybe this is just old stuff, but it is funny. Years ago I did a real Myers-Briggs test, but I lost the results, so I can’t compare. I believe I was more Judgmental back then […]

Greatest Dutchman

I read that Pim Fortuyn is currently the ‘Greatest Dutchman’, according to the poll at the website. That would not be my choice. But, since I wouldn’t know who else would be my choice, I used the voting advice from and guess what – according to this advice, I should vote for Johan Cruyff! […]

Keeping the books

Next week we’ll be in Spain for the Leader Development conference. So, today was my last day at the office this month… and Monday November 1st the accountant will arrive for the Year End Closing. Our fiscal year runs from September to September, so this is the busiest time in the year for the financial […]

The Gospel in Europe

Today we received biblestudy magazine ‘Bode’, containing an interview with me about Agapè and Campus Crusade, called ‘The Gospel in Europe’. Fun to see and to read back what I said! Henk Medema interviewed me a month ago. At least it looks professional, I’m curious what others think of it. If you’ve read it, let […]

Healthy Leadership

This morning I heard Paul Donders speak on leadership. I knew him by name already for quite a while, so it was a nice opportunity to meet him personally. He said quite a few excellent things (in other words, the whole session was excellent). For me one of his side-comments was the thing that struck […]

Taking a stand

I am furious about the so-called liberals in the European Parliament, opposing the position of Commissioner of Rucco Buttiglione because of his morals and beliefs. I think it is purely discriminating. Buttiglione might be a little naive in the way he handled the confirmation hearing, but he is clear about the separation of personal beliefs […]

Lectio Divina

During last weekend’s conference, the morning devotionals were according to the ‘Lectio Divina’ method. This is a contemplative way of bible study and meditation with a small group of people. The basic thought is to have the bible speak to you through the Holy Spirit:– one of the group reads a couple of verses two […]

Sick and tired, praising and partying

Well, early morning Sunday it was my turn to become sick… so I had to skip the first part of the Sunday morning meetings. A pity, because there was a ‘Prayer Party’ that promised to be fun! And fun it was, as I’ve been told. I joined in at 12, when I felt good enough […]

Building movements

Saturday morning Armand Morsen, National Director for Agapè Surinam, talked about ‘building movements’ – one of the core elements of Campus Crusade for Christ. He had a very structured talk about five phases of building movements (Preparation, Evangelism, Discipleship, Saturation and Continuation) and critical conditions (good management, for example). The whole aim is to get […]