Great Expectations

The start of the conference was really good. Worship went well. I focused on the different expectations that people might have coming to the conference: some will have high expectations, some might have no expectations at all. The example I used was Elijah: he had extremely high expectations of God on day one, inviting Him to show up in fire – which He did (see 1 Kings 18). The next day, Elijah is in deep depression, fleeing for everything. His expectations were below zero. And even then God shows up – not in fire, but in a calm wind. God knew what state Elijah was in, and He wanted to meet him anyhow.

Mieke Hahndiek shared about the central theme for the weekend: “I need you!” She talked about values like Esteem, Acceptance, Encouragement, Respect, Dreams and Unity. It was very personal and made very clear what our basic attitude should be. If we do not value the other higher than ourselves, if our basic drive is not the love (agapè!) for eachother, we will never be able to answer God’s calling in our life, both personally and as a ministry.

Corné Platschorre had a very humorous piece in which he elaborated on “I need you!” from a marriage perspective. It was very recognisable for most of us, the ways in which we try to mold our marriage so that it does not cost us too much, the lack of communication and so on.

Personally, things were a little bit less: Friday afternoon, just before leaving, Sara threw up. At night, after the conference program, Mira did the same… Fortunately they both did not feel very sick afterwards.

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