Building movements

Saturday morning Armand Morsen, National Director for Agapè Surinam, talked about ‘building movements’ – one of the core elements of Campus Crusade for Christ. He had a very structured talk about five phases of building movements (Preparation, Evangelism, Discipleship, Saturation and Continuation) and critical conditions (good management, for example). The whole aim is to get multiplication instead of addition, which is a simple math on paper but a very complex one in practice…

The interesting thing is that almost 25 years ago, a Dutch couple went to Surinam to set up the ministry there. They handed over to local leadership, and this leadership is now coming to The Netherlands to tell us about building movements!

In the afternoon there were several workshops. I attended the follow-up for Armand’s talk, where we worked through a couple of cases for a better understanding of movements and how to build them. Mira went to the beaty and make-up workshop; 20 ladies learning how to make themselved beautiful. Of course Mira does not need it for herself, but she might use the knowledge is some way some day 🙂

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