Sick and tired, praising and partying

Well, early morning Sunday it was my turn to become sick… so I had to skip the first part of the Sunday morning meetings. A pity, because there was a ‘Prayer Party’ that promised to be fun! And fun it was, as I’ve been told. I joined in at 12, when I felt good enough to leave my bed. It sure looked like a party with confetti, balloons, party crackers and cocktails. The band was playing up-tempo praise, people dancing and jumping, very un-Agapè;-) The idea was to have a creative way of praying for each other. Everybody had to write down personal prayer points, put them in a cocktail glass and then walk around and toast. When toasting, you’d pick one of the papers from the glass and pray. Unfortunately that part was over when I joined, but I got the idea. And like a real party, it ended later than planned.

The conference ended at 2 PM, leaving us time to visit Joan and Ingeborg in the afternoon. I still was not fully recovered, so I slept on their couch for almost an hour.

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