Healthy Leadership

This morning I heard Paul Donders speak on leadership. I knew him by name already for quite a while, so it was a nice opportunity to meet him personally. He said quite a few excellent things (in other words, the whole session was excellent). For me one of his side-comments was the thing that struck me most. He was talking about how leadership development is about developing competence and character. Often competence develops much faster than character, creating a gap between the two, leading to arrogance. So far so good, I got the point. Then he said that the other way around can happen as well: especially in christian environments, character is sometimes more developed than competence, leading to burn-out. Unfortunately, I got this point as well… Recently, I have seen more than one example of this. One of the main challenges for Agapè in the near future is personnel development, and this is a very useful insight. If we want to have healthy leadership and healthy staff, we must look closely to both competence and character, and balance relationship (focus on people, one’s wellbeing) and result.

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