Off to Spain

Yes, we’re off to Girona, Spain for the Agape Europe Leader Development conference. There will be about 50 people from over 10 countries, the overall theme is ‘Leadership in Action’. I am particularly looking forward to hearing Andrea Buczynski, the Global head of Leadership Development in Campus Crusade. She will be speaking on the 4 leadership roles ‘Direction Setter’, ‘Change Agent’, ‘Developer’ and ‘Communicator’. I am also curious to know what proposals are brought up for the missions project we are supposed to do next Spring.

Latest weather update for the Girona area: 28 C, half sunny – which is in any case better than the 14 C and rainy we have here. That makes up for the fact (at least a little bit) that we have to miss our little girls for a whole week. We brought them to my parents this afternoon, and already on the way back Mira started to talk about how she missed them…

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