Impartational Mentors

Found an interesting article on the net: Impartational Mentors by Fred Peatross Through most of the modern era the church has relied upon an educational model with the classroom as the primary tool and training ground for Christ-like growth and transformation. Kingdom values and identity are exhorted, sometimes discussed, in an educational setting with the […]

Personal growth

I have not been blogging a lot about personal stuff lately. I should, if this blog reflects my life as it is. As I said before, we had a great time in Spain end of October. During that week, a process of spiritual growth has started in a way that I never experienced before. It […]

Funny Bible Verses database

Two milestones at the same time: is working and the Funny Bible Verses database is here! The first is not full flash yet, for the time being if you click it you’ll be redirected to this same blog. I have to work on a general ‘shell’ for the website. But, the ‘FBV-database’ is already […]

Rosa’s birthday

Today Rosa had her birthday… she turned 4! She threw a party for about 10 little friends of her. I was home to assist, which was absolutely necessary (which is something every parent knows). We had set up a couple of indoor games and some creative stuff, so we really wore the kids out. They […]

Greatest Dutchman (2)

Since yesterday this weblog gets many hits through people searching the Internet for ‘the greatest Dutchman’. The election seems to have hit the international press quite a bit, since the visitors are from different countries of the world. Well, having said that… the finals of the election of the Greatest Dutchman has been fun to […]

Business School

This week I have been working hard for my ‘second job’: assessor for an MBA programme at the Institute for International Business Relations (IBR). Last summer, they contacted Agape to see if we knew any Christian professors that could work with them. It sounded interesting to me; the school is Germany-based, but the actual students […]

Larknews Satire

Marc van der Woude posted a couple of funny headlines from, a christian satire site. I checked it out, and as a financial controller for a christian charity foundation, I found especially the following one very funny: Hellbound man enjoys free church offers GREELEY, Colo. — Glenn Birde, 36, a self-described agnostic, has attended […]

I am in the process of moving all my internetsites to one address, (of course). This should be done somewhere in the next few weeks. I found a cheap provider, 29 euro a year for domain, 10 email addresses and 100 Mb serverspace. Well, to be honest, Wouter found it and pointed me […]

Updated picture gallery

Found a nice picture gallery tool, so I re-created the Leader Development picture gallery. Looks a lot better, I must say. I had to move them to a different location due to server space limitations.