Business School

This week I have been working hard for my ‘second job’: assessor for an MBA programme at the Institute for International Business Relations (IBR). Last summer, they contacted Agape to see if we knew any Christian professors that could work with them. It sounded interesting to me; the school is Germany-based, but the actual students are currently all from Ukraine. They are expanding their international network of professors.

It ended up with me being an assessor for the IT courses in the MBA programme, something that will take not too much time but is really fun to do; it helps me to keep up to date with developments in business and the professional world, and at the same time it makes a little bit of money (with the emphasis on ‘little’ :-)). In concreto, my job is to write 3 or 4 IT assignments for the students and evaluate and assess their results, being a paper of 5 to 10 pages.

So, this week I have been reviewing the existing assignments. Now we have to see what the students make of it!

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